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CHURCH OUTING – PICNIC on 03.09.2022

We will meet on 3.9. for picnic and games at Großer Garten, starting at 3pm.

Google Maps Mark:

51°02’03.2″N 13°45’48.3″E

51.034209, 13.763409

You can reach the place with tram 9, 10,13 or bus 61,63,85,68.

It would be great if you could bring some fingerfood or something to drink and a blanket.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Dear Men and Women of our church,
We are very much excited for our hiking tour next Saturday (June 18th) .🌳🍃🌲
We would be meeting at 3pm 🕒 at the Kindergarten in Nachtflügelweg 16, 01324 Dresden (Dresden-Bühlau), at the side of the Kindergarten facing the forest. For those of you coming with the tram I’ll attach the location underneath. Please take tram 11 to ‘Schwimmhalle Bühlau’.
It would be great if everyone could bring some fingerfood to share (muffins, vegetable sticks, fruit, cookies, nuts, sausages, cheese cubes, crackers,….)😋
There will be a list at church tomorrow, where you can write in what you are planning to bring.📋🖊️
Please also remember to bring enough to drink 🍶for yourself and comfortable shoes 🥾 and clothing.
There is one little decline and uphill (or an easy way around), other than that the paths are easy to walk.
For the little ones I would suggest a carrier or buggy.
We should be back at our meeting point around 5:30pm.🕠
There is a little restaurant close to the meeting point, I’m sure we could use their bathrooms if need be.🚽
If you have any questions❓, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Have a great day!

Your way from tram 11 to meeting place

Google Maps Link of our meeting place: