Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests of Grace Baptist Community Church of Dresden

temporal specific prayer requests:

  • For the process of developing the church documents (e.g. Church Constitution)
  • For the new Ladies Bible Study and upcoming mens’ Bible Study
  • For more musicians to support the music ministry
  • For more families and singles to join the church
  • For guidance in further developing our partnerships with churches and leaders in Dresden, Berlin and Görlitz
  • For those who are learning German as a new language
  • For those who search for a job
  • For refugees who seek asylum

general prayer requests:

  • Pray that God may work in the hearts through Sundays’ sermons and Bible Studies
  • Pray for Pastor Ronny for God’s guidance and strength to minister
  • Pray for the sanctification of the believers
  • Pray for the families – for wisdom and God’s grace to raise their children in God’s ways
  • Pray for unity and sacrificial love amongst the brothers and sisters
  • Pray for open doors to witness to the community

Prayer Requests of Partnering Churches

Arche Dresden

  • Pray for the new believers in the church to grow in grace
  • Pray that the church would be a light in Dresden, especially in Gorbitz and that God would use the church to reach many people with the Gospel
  • Pray for more people to join serving in the youth ministry and Sunday school minstry

Leuchtturm Berlin

  • Pray for guidance in finding long-term church premises 
  • Pray that the male church members embrace the biblical role of being a man & that the female church members embrace the biblical role of being a woman 
  • Pray that the children are being raised in the discipline and admonition of the Lord. And that the parents are loving role model’s and strive for the salvation of their family. 

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