Who we are

We are an English-speaking, loving, international church that loves the Lord and wants to glorify Him.

GBCCoD is working on establishing a partnership with a German speaking church in Dresden (dresden-arche.de) and is in communication with the Leuchtturm Evangelische Freikirche, another German speaking church in Berlin, as well as elders of churches in Gotha and Detmold.

Our church gatherings and fellowships are held in English. We meet on Sundays and throughout the week (see events).

We believe in the all members ministry taught in Ephesians 4 and 1 Peter 4 and most of our attenders help in one way or another.

Pastor Ronny and his wife Katie

Pastor Ronny is the elder of the church. He works closely together with 2 elders of other churches in Germany.
Pastor Ronny and his wife Katie have three young children. Both are German and met in the church. Pastor Ronny first served as a deacon for several years before he was appointed an elder.


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Impressions from our church

Katie and Esther setting up the kids corner
Sam and Carlos talking in the entry hall
Some people are coming in the auditorium

Diana and Gary
Christ is risen – He is risen indeed!
Pastor Ronny and Gary
Pastor Ronny and Fini preparing for the church service
Happy faces during fellowship time
Pastor Ronny and his wife Katie

Easter decoration of the empty tomb
Little Easter Treats
Brother Gary preaching from Psalm 1
The Douglases from Bavaria visiting our church
Guest Preacher Sean Douglas Preaching

Grace Baptist Community Church of Dresden
God-honoring — Christ-centered — Bible-saturated