Upcoming Events

For an overview of all activities of our church including times and places, please look at our Calendar.

currently we are changing the format of the calendar, soon you will find this one filled:

Creation Conference coming up in April 2023. More Information here.

We are connected with other churches and minitries in Germany and regularly invite their ministers to preach at GBCC.

Coming up:
15.01.2023 Pastor Steve Hendersen
19.02.2023 Pastor Matthias Reimer
26.03.2023 Pastor Steve Dye

Every other week the the Youth Fellowship is happening- people meet for an outdoor activity, dinner, songs, games and more. If you are interested to join, you can talk to Jenefa, Fini or Samuel or write youthgroup@gbcc-dresden.de.
More info here.

Every first Sunday of the month we celebrate the Lord‘s Supper.

Join us for our weekly Men’s Prayer where we men come together to intercede for one-another, our families, our church and our community. We meet every Thursday 6-7pm.

The Ladies meet for their monthly prayer time on the 4th Saturday of the month in the mornings.

The Ladies are studying Esther and deepen their trust in our sovereign God.
They are meeting every second Saturday of the month.

The church meets regularly for outings, hiking tours, picnics,…- the next one will be announced soon. Further information, exact location etc, you can find here.

We will teach our 2nd How To Study Your Bible Class (for free) beginning of 2023. Exact dates will be announced.
Even if you are not part of our church, feel free to join us! Just send us an email to contact@gbcc-dresden.de.
Watch a short video here.

For an overview of all activities of our church including times and places, look at our Calendar.

If you have any questions, please contact us for further details. 

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