CHURCH BBQ ON 02.09.2023

Hi everyone , Welcome to our church grill evening as we bring the summer to an end.
We will gather at 4pm in the garden behind B├╝naustrasse 13 (just a 1 min walk from the church premises) on the 2nd of September.
If you like please bring something to eat ­čÖé
Looking forward to see you all!


Time: 3pm


What to bring?: it would be great if you could bring a blanket and something to eat for yourself + another person

CHURCH OUTING – PICNIC on 03.09.2022

We will meet on 3.9. for picnic and games at Gro├čer Garten, starting at 3pm.

Google Maps Mark:

51┬░02’03.2″N 13┬░45’48.3″E

51.034209, 13.763409

You can reach the place with tram 9, 10,13 or bus 61,63,85,68.

It would be great if you could bring some fingerfood or something to drink and a blanket.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Dear Men and Women of our church,
We are very much excited for our hiking tour next Saturday (June 18th) .🌳🍃🌲
We would be meeting at 3pm 🕒 at the Kindergarten in Nachtfl├╝gelweg 16, 01324 Dresden (Dresden-B├╝hlau), at the side of the Kindergarten facing the forest. For those of you coming with the tram I’ll attach the location underneath. Please take tram 11 to ‘Schwimmhalle B├╝hlau’.
It would be great if everyone could bring some fingerfood to share (muffins, vegetable sticks, fruit, cookies, nuts, sausages, cheese cubes, crackers,ÔÇŽ.)😋
There will be a list at church tomorrow, where you can write in what you are planning to bring.📋🖊️
Please also remember to bring enough to drink 🍶for yourself and comfortable shoes 🥾 and clothing.
There is one little decline and uphill (or an easy way around), other than that the paths are easy to walk.
For the little ones I would suggest a carrier or buggy.
We should be back at our meeting point around 5:30pm.🕠
There is a little restaurant close to the meeting point, I’m sure we could use their bathrooms if need be.🚽
If you have any questions❓, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Have a great day!

Your way from tram 11 to meeting place

Google Maps Link of our meeting place: