2021 Sermons Archive

DateTitle/SeriesSub pointScripturePreacherAudioVideo
2021-12-26Immanuel – God with us2. The Hope In His Nameselected scripturePastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-12-19Immanuel – God with us1. The Wonder of the Incarnationselected scripturePastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-12-12Resurrection Gospel1 Cor 15:1-11Guest Preacher Sean DouglasAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-12-05The Church of Christ- the Desired Model1 Cor 1:1-9Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-11-29Encourage-ment for such a time as thisselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-11-21The Gospel of JohnRejected and ReceivedJohn 1:6-13Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-11-14Maniac to MissionaryLuke 8:26-39Guest Preacher Sean DouglasAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-11-07Jesus, our Great High Priest(communion)Selected scriptures in HebrewsPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-10-31The Gospel of JohnIn The Beginning Was The WordJohn 1:1-5Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-10-24Canaan has seen better daysbook of JudgesGuest Preacher Sean DouglasAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-10-17Knowing God by Name9. Jehovah RohiPs 23Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-10-10The Servant’s Song of VictoryIsa 53Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-10-03A Light to the NationsMat 5:14-16Guest Preacher Pastor Steve DyeAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-09-26Knowing God by name8. El ShaddaiGen 17:1-8Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-09-19Canaan: A good land with a better promiseDeut 30:1-10Guest Preacher Sean DouglasAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-09-12Knowing God by Name7. El Elyonselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-09-05Knowing God by Name6. Jehovah JirehGen 22:1-19Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-08-29Knowing God by Name5. El RoiGen 16:1-13Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-08-22Guilty without condemnationRom 8:1-9Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-08-15Knowing God by Name4. Jehovah Raphaselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-08-08Ordinary PeopleRom 12:1Guest Preacher Pastor Jim KnakalAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-08-01Knowing God by Name3. Jehovahselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-07-24Knowing God by Name2. Adonaiselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-07-18Knowing God by Name1. Elohimselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-07-11The Prodigal Son: What the Self-Righteous Got WrongLuke 15Guest Preacher Sean DouglasLinkLink
2021-07-04The Christian RaceHebr 12:1-2Brother GaryLinkLink
2021-06-27Jesus- the true vine(communion)John 15:1-8Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-06-20Paul’s thankfulness for the Philippian’s giftpart 2 + 3:
2) The Value of the Philippians Gift
3) God’s promise to suppy
Phil 4:14-20Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-06-13Paul’s thankfulness for the Philippian’s giftpart 1: Paul’s secret of contentmentPhil 4:10-13Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-06-06Jesus – the Light of the world(communion)John 8:12Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-05-30Final Exhortationspart 5 (Think Right and Live Right,)Phil 4:2-9Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-05-23Brotherly Affectionselected scripturesGuest Preacher Sean DouglasLinkLink
2021-05-16Final Exhortationspart 4 (Do not be anxious)Phil 4:2-9Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-05-09Final Exhortationspart 3 (Let your gentleness be known)Phil 4:2-9Pastor RonnyLinkwill not be uploaded
2021-05-02The First Gospel AnnouncementGen 3:15Brother GaryLinkLink
2021-04-25Final Exhortationspart 2 (Rejoice in the Lord)Phil 4:2-9Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-04-18Psalm 1Psalm 1Brother GaryLinkLink
2021-04-11Final Exhortations part 1 (Agree in the Lord)Phil 4:2-9Pastor RonnyLinkLink (last part video/audio out of sync) –>
Part 2 of the sermon: Link
2021-04-04Effects of His Resurrection(Resurrection Sunday)selected scripturesPastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-04-02Psalm 22- the cost of our salvation(Good Friday)Psalm 22:1-21aPastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-03-28Running for the PrizePart 2Phil 3:20-4:1Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-03-21The Sovereignty of GodPsalm 99Brother GaryLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-03-14Running for the PrizePart 2Phil 3:17-19Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-03-07I Am the Bread of Life(communion)John 6Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-02-28Running for the PrizePart 1Phil 3:12-16Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-02-21True Righteousness pt43. Counting all loss to know Christ (2nd part)Phil 3:1-11Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-02-14True Righteousness pt33. Counting all loss to know ChristPhil 3:1-11Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-02-07Jesus- Our Good Shepherd(communion)John 10Pastor Ronny Linkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-01-31True Righteousness pt22. Marks of True Christians Phil 3:1-11Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-01-24True Righteousness pt11. Rejoice and Look outPhil 3:1-11Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2021-01-17Two Men Worth Imitating (pt2)EpaphroditusPhil 2:19-30Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2021-01-10Two Men Worth ImitatingTimothyPhil 2:19-30Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2021-01-03Set free from fear of death(Communion)Hebrews 2:14-15Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)