2023 Sermons Archive

DateTitle/SeriesSub pointScripturePreacherAudioVideo
2023-12-30Between Ebenezer and Jehovah Jireh1Sam 7:7-13 Gen 22:1-16Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-12-24Good News of Great JoySelected ScripturesPastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-12-17The Word became fleshJohn 1:1-16Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-12-10Jesus, our Prince of PeacePastor Steve DyeVideo
2023-12-03The sentencing of JesusJohn 19:1-16aPastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-11-26The trial of JesusJohn 18:19-40Pastor RonnyVideo
2023-11-19The prophecy of Malachi (pt.5)Malachi 3:6-12Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-11-12The arrest of JesusJohn 18:1-18Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-11-05Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer(pt.3)John 17:20-26Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-10-29Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer(pt.2)John 17:6-19Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-10-22Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer(pt.1)John 17:1-5Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-10-15The prophecy of Malachi (pt.5)Malachi 2:17-3:5Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-10-08Joy and victory in JesusJohn 16:16-33Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-10-01Christ, our Mediator2 Cor 5:16-21Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-09-24Rest in ChristHebrews 4:1-11Brother Juan CarlosAudioVideo
2023-09-17The prophecy of Malachi (pt.4)Malachi 2:10-16Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-09-10The Work of the Holy Spirit – part 2John 16:12-15Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-09-03A Lion and a LambRevelation 5:1-14Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-08-27The prophecy of Malachi (pt.3) Malachi 2:1-9Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-08-20The Work of the Holy Spirit – part 1John 16:4(b)-15Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-08-13Forewarned is ForearmedJohn 15:18-16:4Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-08-06Loved to LoveJohn 15:9-17Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-07-30Vine and branchesJohn 15:1-8Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-07-23Give it all for His NameDaniel 6:1-17Brother Juan CarlosAudioVideo
2023-07-16The Glorious Son of GodColossians 1:15-23Guest preacher Pastor Matthias ReimerAudioVideo
2023-07-09Let not your hearts be troubled – part 4John 14:25-31Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-07-02The prophecy of Malachi (pt.2)Malachi 1:6-14Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-06-25Let not your hearts be troubled – part 3John 14:15-24Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-06-18Let not your hearts be troubled – part 2John 14:7-17Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-06-11Let not your hearts be troubledJohn 14:1-6Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-06-04Jesus’ commandment to love the brethrenJohn 13:31-38Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-05-28The betrayal of LoveJohn 13:18-30Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-05-21Foot washing – Love and humility in actionJohn 13:1-17Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-05-14The unbelief of the people and Jesus’ appeal to faithJohn 12:37-50Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-05-07Jesus – The True Disciple And Obedient ServantIsa 50:4-9Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-04-30The prophecy of Malachi (pt.1)Mal 1:1-5Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-04-23For this purpose I have come to this hourJohn 12:27-36Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-04-16Unless we dieJohn 12:20-26Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-04-09He is Alive!selected scripturesPastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-04-07What is Good About Good Friday?Isa 53Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-04-02Worthy is the KingJohn 12:1-19Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-03-26The Parable of the TalentsMatthew 25:14-30Guest Preacher Pastor Steve DyeAudioVideo
2023-03-19I am the resurrection and the lifePart 2: The 7th sign reveals Jesus Power over deathJohn 11:28-57Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-03-12I am the resurrection and the lifePart 1: the Death of a beloved friend John 11:1-27Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-03-05The Testimony of the Lord’s ServantIsaiah 49:1-7Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-02-26The Good News Of Deliverance And Judgement Rev 14:6-7Guest Preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-02-19Psalm143 How To Pray In DistressPsalm 143Guest Preacher Matthias ReimerAudioVideo
2023-02-05Jesus, the Lord’s Chosen ServantIsaiah 42:1-7Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-01-29Consider His Works!John 10:22-42Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-01-22The Good Shepherd and His Relationship to His sheepJohn 10:1-21Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-01-15Revenge is not sweet – God deliversPsalm 3Guest Preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-01-08The Light Of The World Giving Sight To The BlindJohn 9:1-41Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-01-01Behold, I am doing a new thingIsaiah 43:14-21Pastor RonnyAudioVideo