2022 Sermons Archive

DateTitle/SeriesSub pointScripturePreacherAudioVideo
2022-12-25Emmanuel – God with usIsaiah 7:14Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-12-18Mary’s SongLuke 1:46-55Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-12-11The Throne Names of GodIsaiah 9:6Guest Preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2022-12-04From the Crib to the Cross – the Purpose of the Incarnationselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudioVideo
(last week’s sermon not uploaded)
Jesus’ Astonishing ClaimsJohn 8:48-59Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-11-13Psalm 117Ps 117Guest Preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2022-11-06Christ, our Bridegroom and His unique love for His bride(communion)selected scripturesPastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-10-30True and False Children of GodJohn 8:31-47Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-10-23Spiritual Gifts1 Cor 12:1-11Guest Preacher Pastor Steve DyeAudioVideo
2022-10-16The Light and Its PronouncementsJohn 8:12-30Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-10-09He Became A Curse for Us(communion)Gal 3:10-14Pastor RonnyAudioVideo (starts a bit late)
2022-10-02You are Sent as Jesus was sentselected scripturesGuest Preacher Werner Diezel (WEC)AudioVideo
2022-09-25God, The Refuge To Resort Topart 1selected scripturesBrother CarlosAudioVideo
2022-09-18The Gospel of John Neither Do I Condemn youJohn 8:1-11Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-09-11The Gospel of John Come and DrinkJohn 7:25-53Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-09-04The Three Looks At The Lord’s Supper1 Cor 11:23-30Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-08-28The Gospel of JohnSkepticism, Uncertainty & Authoritative TeachingJohn 7:1-24Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-08-21The Gospel of JohnJesus’ words divideJohn 6:59-71Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-08-14The Power Of the Blood Of Christ3. Three Grand Benefits we receive through His bloodselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-08-07Marks of a Christian2. Mark of Love and Doctrinal Love1 JohnBrother CarlosAudioVideo
2022-07-31The Gospel of JohnCome and EatJohn 6:22-58Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-07-24The Gospel of JohnOutside of Human Logic and Natural LawsJohn 6:1-21Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-07-17Resting In Gods Love2 Sam 14:1-19:9Guest Preacher Matthias ReimerAudioVideo
2022-07-10The Gospel of JohnHe is God – B) 5 witnesses testify about JesusJohn 5:30-47Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-07-03The Power Of the Blood Of Christ2. His Reward for the Shedding of His Blood selected scripturesPastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-06-26Marks of a Christian1. Obedience1 John 1 Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-06-19The Gospel of JohnHe is God – A) Jesus testifies about HimselfJohn 5:10-29Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-06-12The Gospel of JohnThe Great PhysicianJohn 4:43-5:9Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-06-05The Power Of the Blood Of Christ1.The Shadows and their Fulfillment selected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-05-29The Gospel of JohnHarvest Time Has ComeJohn 4:27-42Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
(recording started 10min late, live stream includes full sermon)
2022-05-22The Gospel of JohnNever Be Thirsty Again!John 4:1-26Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-05-15The Gospel of JohnThe Supremacy of ChristJohn 3:22-36Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-05-08Pursuing Forgiveness and ReconciliationPart 3/3Philemon 18-25Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-05-01The Parable of the SowerMatthew 13:1-8.18-23Guest Preacher Pastor Steve DyeAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-04-24The Gospel of JohnFor God so loved the worldJohn 3:16-21Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
the recording starts late, but the live stream & audio are complete
2022-04-17He is Risen(Resurrection Sunday)selected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-04-15Jesus seven words on the cross(Good Friday)selected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-04-10Pursuing Forgiveness and ReconciliationPart 2/3Philemon 8-17Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-04-03A Prayer of Repentance and WorshipPsalm 53Guest Preacher Sean DouglasAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-03-27The Gospel of JohnYou Must Be Born AgainJohn 2:23-3:15Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-03-20Pursuing Forgiveness and ReconciliationPart 1/3Philemon 1-7Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
Video is cutt off early (for complete version see live stream or audio)
2022-03-13The Gospel of JohnJesus cleanses the templeJohn 2:13-22Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-03-06Christ, our ultimate protection from God’s judgement(communion)Genesis 6-7Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-02-27The Gospel of JohnWater Into WineJohn 2:1-12Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-02-20A Biblical Mandate for Fire SafetyJude 20-23Guest Preacher Sean DouglasAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-02-13Justification – the Pearl of Christian DoctrineRom 3:21-26Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-02-06Baby DedicationDeut 6Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-01-30The Gospel of JohnThe Beginning of The ChurchJohn 1:35-51Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-01-23The Gospel of JohnThe Witness Of JohnJohn 1:19-34Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-01-16The Gospel of JohnFull Of Grace And TruthJohn 1:14-18Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-01-09A 2022 Resolution from Psalm 63Psalm 63Guest Preacher Sean DouglasAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-01-02Christ’s Mission of Redemption(communion)Gal 4:4-5Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link