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DateTitle/SeriesSub pointScripturePreacherAudioVideo
2024-05-12Oppose false teachers
Part III
1 Timothy 1:1-11Pastor RonnyVideo
2024-05-05Stand on the Unshakable RockHebrews 12:18-29Brother Juan CarlosVideo
2024-04-28Oppose false teachers
Part II
1 Timothy 1:1-11Pastor RonnyVideo
2024 -04 -21The PsalmsThe two waysPsalms 1Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2024-04-13Oppose false teachers
Part I
1 Timothy 1:1-7Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2024-04-07The Discipline of PrayerLuke 22:39-46Sam RajuAudioVideo
2024-03- 31The significance of Jesus’s resurrection for usRessurection SundayPastor RonnyVideo
2024-03-29Only His blood can cleanse you Good Friday ServiceHebrews 9:18 – 28Juan CarlosVideo
2024-03-24The Church3. The responsibilities of the Church membersCol 3:12-17, Eph 4:1-16Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2024-03-17The Church 2. The Life of a healthy ChurchActs 2:42-47Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2024-03-10The Church 1. The Importance of the Churchselected scripturePastor RonnyAudioVideo
2024-03-03The risen Christ and His disciplesJohn 21Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2024-02-25The resurrection believedJohn 20:19-33Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2024-02-18The prophecy of Malachi (pt.7)Malachi 4:2-6Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2024-02-11The burial and resurrection of JesusJohn 19:31-20:18Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2024-02-04The Lord’s Supper1Cor 11:27-34Guest preacher Pastor Matthias ReimerAudioVideo
2024-01-28Which one is your side?1Cor 1:18-31Brother Juan CarlosAudioVideo
2024-01-21The crucifixion and death of JesusJohn 19:16(b)-30Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2024-01-14The prophecy of Malachi (pt.6)Malachi 3:13-4:3Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2024-01-07Christ our Great High PriestPsalm 110
Hebrews 7:21-28
Brother Juan CarlosAudioVideo
2023-12-30Between Ebenezer and Jehovah Jireh1Sam 7:7-13 Gen 22:1-16Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-12-24Good News of Great JoySelected ScripturesPastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-12-17The Word became fleshJohn 1:1-16Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-12-10Jesus, our Prince of PeacePastor Steve DyeVideo
2023-12-03The sentencing of JesusJohn 19:1-16aPastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-11-26The trial of JesusJohn 18:19-40Pastor RonnyVideo
2023-11-19The prophecy of Malachi (pt.5)Malachi 3:6-12Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-11-12The arrest of JesusJohn 18:1-18Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-11-05Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer(pt.3)John 17:20-26Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-10-29Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer(pt.2)John 17:6-19Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-10-22Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer(pt.1)John 17:1-5Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-10-15The prophecy of Malachi (pt.5)Malachi 2:17-3:5Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-10-08Joy and victory in JesusJohn 16:16-33Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-10-01Christ, our Mediator2 Cor 5:16-21Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-09-24Rest in ChristHebrews 4:1-11Brother Juan CarlosAudioVideo
2023-09-17The prophecy of Malachi (pt.4)Malachi 2:10-16Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-09-10The Work of the Holy Spirit – part 2John 16:12-15Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-09-03A Lion and a LambRevelation 5:1-14Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-08-27The prophecy of Malachi (pt.3) Malachi 2:1-9Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-08-20The Work of the Holy Spirit – part 1John 16:4(b)-15Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-08-13Forewarned is ForearmedJohn 15:18-16:4Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-08-06Loved to LoveJohn 15:9-17Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-07-30Vine and branchesJohn 15:1-8Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-07-23Give it all for His NameDaniel 6:1-17Brother Juan CarlosAudioVideo
2023-07-16The Glorious Son of GodColossians 1:15-23Guest preacher Pastor Matthias ReimerAudioVideo
2023-07-09Let not your hearts be troubled – part 4John 14:25-31Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-07-02The prophecy of Malachi (pt.2)Malachi 1:6-14Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-06-25Let not your hearts be troubled – part 3John 14:15-24Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-06-18Let not your hearts be troubled – part 2John 14:7-17Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-06-11Let not your hearts be troubledJohn 14:1-6Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-06-04Jesus’ commandment to love the brethrenJohn 13:31-38Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-05-28The betrayal of LoveJohn 13:18-30Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-05-21Foot washing – Love and humility in actionJohn 13:1-17Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-05-14The unbelief of the people and Jesus’ appeal to faithJohn 12:37-50Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-05-07Jesus – The True Disciple And Obedient ServantIsa 50:4-9Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-04-30The prophecy of Malachi (pt.1)Mal 1:1-5Guest preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-04-23For this purpose I have come to this hourJohn 12:27-36Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-04-16Unless we dieJohn 12:20-26Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-04-09He is Alive!selected scripturesPastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-04-07What is Good About Good Friday?Isa 53Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-04-02Worthy is the KingJohn 12:1-19Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-03-26The Parable of the TalentsMatthew 25:14-30Guest Preacher Pastor Steve DyeAudioVideo
2023-03-19I am the resurrection and the lifePart 2: The 7th sign reveals Jesus Power over deathJohn 11:28-57Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-03-12I am the resurrection and the lifePart 1: the Death of a beloved friend John 11:1-27Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-03-05The Testimony of the Lord’s ServantIsaiah 49:1-7Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-02-26The Good News Of Deliverance And Judgement Rev 14:6-7Guest Preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-02-19Psalm143 How To Pray In DistressPsalm 143Guest Preacher Matthias ReimerAudioVideo
2023-02-05Jesus, the Lord’s Chosen ServantIsaiah 42:1-7Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-01-29Consider His Works!John 10:22-42Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-01-22The Good Shepherd and His Relationship to His sheepJohn 10:1-21Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-01-15Revenge is not sweet – God deliversPsalm 3Guest Preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2023-01-08The Light Of The World Giving Sight To The BlindJohn 9:1-41Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2023-01-01Behold, I am doing a new thingIsaiah 43:14-21Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-12-25Emmanuel – God with usIsaiah 7:14Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-12-18Mary’s SongLuke 1:46-55Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-12-11The Throne Names of GodIsaiah 9:6Guest Preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2022-12-04From the Crib to the Cross – the Purpose of the Incarnationselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudioVideo
(last week’s sermon not uploaded)
Jesus’ Astonishing ClaimsJohn 8:48-59Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-11-13Psalm 117Ps 117Guest Preacher Pastor Steve HendersonAudioVideo
2022-11-06Christ, our Bridegroom and His unique love for His bride(communion)selected scripturesPastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-10-30True and False Children of GodJohn 8:31-47Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-10-23Spiritual Gifts1 Cor 12:1-11Guest Preacher Pastor Steve DyeAudioVideo
2022-10-16The Light and Its PronouncementsJohn 8:12-30Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-10-09He Became A Curse for Us(communion)Gal 3:10-14Pastor RonnyAudioVideo (starts a bit late)
2022-10-02You are Sent as Jesus was sentselected scripturesGuest Preacher Werner Diezel (WEC)AudioVideo
2022-09-25God, The Refuge To Resort Topart 1selected scripturesBrother CarlosAudioVideo
2022-09-18The Gospel of John Neither Do I Condemn youJohn 8:1-11Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-09-11The Gospel of John Come and DrinkJohn 7:25-53Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-09-04The Three Looks At The Lord’s Supper1 Cor 11:23-30Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-08-28The Gospel of JohnSkepticism, Uncertainty & Authoritative TeachingJohn 7:1-24Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-08-21The Gospel of JohnJesus’ words divideJohn 6:59-71Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-08-14The Power Of the Blood Of Christ3. Three Grand Benefits we receive through His bloodselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-08-07Marks of a Christian2. Mark of Love and Doctrinal Love1 JohnBrother CarlosAudioVideo
2022-07-31The Gospel of JohnCome and EatJohn 6:22-58Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-07-24The Gospel of JohnOutside of Human Logic and Natural LawsJohn 6:1-21Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-07-17Resting In Gods Love2 Sam 14:1-19:9Guest Preacher Matthias ReimerAudioVideo
2022-07-10The Gospel of JohnHe is God – B) 5 witnesses testify about JesusJohn 5:30-47Pastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-07-03The Power Of the Blood Of Christ2. His Reward for the Shedding of His Blood selected scripturesPastor RonnyAudioVideo
2022-06-26Marks of a Christian1. Obedience1 John 1 Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-06-19The Gospel of JohnHe is God – A) Jesus testifies about HimselfJohn 5:10-29Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-06-12The Gospel of JohnThe Great PhysicianJohn 4:43-5:9Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-06-05The Power Of the Blood Of Christ1.The Shadows and their Fulfillment selected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-05-29The Gospel of JohnHarvest Time Has ComeJohn 4:27-42Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
(recording started 10min late, live stream includes full sermon)
2022-05-22The Gospel of JohnNever Be Thirsty Again!John 4:1-26Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-05-15The Gospel of JohnThe Supremacy of ChristJohn 3:22-36Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-05-08Pursuing Forgiveness and ReconciliationPart 3/3Philemon 18-25Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-05-01The Parable of the SowerMatthew 13:1-8.18-23Guest Preacher Pastor Steve DyeAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-04-24The Gospel of JohnFor God so loved the worldJohn 3:16-21Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
the recording starts late, but the live stream & audio are complete
2022-04-17He is Risen(Resurrection Sunday)selected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-04-15Jesus seven words on the cross(Good Friday)selected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-04-10Pursuing Forgiveness and ReconciliationPart 2/3Philemon 8-17Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-04-03A Prayer of Repentance and WorshipPsalm 53Guest Preacher Sean DouglasAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-03-27The Gospel of JohnYou Must Be Born AgainJohn 2:23-3:15Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-03-20Pursuing Forgiveness and ReconciliationPart 1/3Philemon 1-7Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
Video is cutt off early (for complete version see live stream or audio)
2022-03-13The Gospel of JohnJesus cleanses the templeJohn 2:13-22Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-03-06Christ, our ultimate protection from God’s judgement(communion)Genesis 6-7Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-02-27The Gospel of JohnWater Into WineJohn 2:1-12Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-02-20A Biblical Mandate for Fire SafetyJude 20-23Guest Preacher Sean DouglasAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-02-13Justification – the Pearl of Christian DoctrineRom 3:21-26Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-02-06Baby DedicationDeut 6Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-01-30The Gospel of JohnThe Beginning of The ChurchJohn 1:35-51Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-01-23The Gospel of JohnThe Witness Of JohnJohn 1:19-34Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-01-16The Gospel of JohnFull Of Grace And TruthJohn 1:14-18Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-01-09A 2022 Resolution from Psalm 63Psalm 63Guest Preacher Sean DouglasAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2022-01-02Christ’s Mission of Redemption(communion)Gal 4:4-5Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-12-26Immanuel – God with us2. The Hope In His Nameselected scripturePastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-12-19Immanuel – God with us1. The Wonder of the Incarnationselected scripturePastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-12-12Resurrection Gospel1 Cor 15:1-11Guest Preacher Sean DouglasAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-12-05The Church of Christ- the Desired Model1 Cor 1:1-9Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-11-29Encourage-ment for such a time as thisselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-11-21The Gospel of JohnRejected and ReceivedJohn 1:6-13Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-11-14Maniac to MissionaryLuke 8:26-39Guest Preacher Sean DouglasAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-11-07Jesus, our Great High Priest(communion)Selected scriptures in HebrewsPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-10-31The Gospel of JohnIn The Beginning Was The WordJohn 1:1-5Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-10-24Canaan has seen better daysbook of JudgesGuest Preacher Sean DouglasAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-10-17Knowing God by Name9. Jehovah RohiPs 23Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-10-10The Servant’s Song of VictoryIsa 53Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-10-03A Light to the NationsMat 5:14-16Guest Preacher Pastor Steve DyeAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-09-26Knowing God by name8. El ShaddaiGen 17:1-8Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-09-19Canaan: A good land with a better promiseDeut 30:1-10Guest Preacher Sean DouglasAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-09-12Knowing God by Name7. El Elyonselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-09-05Knowing God by Name6. Jehovah JirehGen 22:1-19Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-08-29Knowing God by Name5. El RoiGen 16:1-13Pastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-08-22Guilty without condemnationRom 8:1-9Brother CarlosAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-08-15Knowing God by Name4. Jehovah Raphaselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-08-08Ordinary PeopleRom 12:1Guest Preacher Pastor Jim KnakalAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-08-01Knowing God by Name3. Jehovahselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-07-24Knowing God by Name2. Adonaiselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-07-18Knowing God by Name1. Elohimselected scripturesPastor RonnyAudio-LinkVideo-Link
2021-07-11The Prodigal Son: What the Self-Righteous Got WrongLuke 15Guest Preacher Sean DouglasLinkLink
2021-07-04The Christian RaceHebr 12:1-2Brother GaryLinkLink
2021-06-27Jesus- the true vine(communion)John 15:1-8Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-06-20Paul’s thankfulness for the Philippian’s giftpart 2 + 3:
2) The Value of the Philippians Gift
3) God’s promise to suppy
Phil 4:14-20Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-06-13Paul’s thankfulness for the Philippian’s giftpart 1: Paul’s secret of contentmentPhil 4:10-13Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-06-06Jesus – the Light of the world(communion)John 8:12Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-05-30Final Exhortationspart 5 (Think Right and Live Right,)Phil 4:2-9Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-05-23Brotherly Affectionselected scripturesGuest Preacher Sean DouglasLinkLink
2021-05-16Final Exhortationspart 4 (Do not be anxious)Phil 4:2-9Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-05-09Final Exhortationspart 3 (Let your gentleness be known)Phil 4:2-9Pastor RonnyLinkwill not be uploaded
2021-05-02The First Gospel AnnouncementGen 3:15Brother GaryLinkLink
2021-04-25Final Exhortationspart 2 (Rejoice in the Lord)Phil 4:2-9Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-04-18Psalm 1Psalm 1Brother GaryLinkLink
2021-04-11Final Exhortations part 1 (Agree in the Lord)Phil 4:2-9Pastor RonnyLinkLink (last part video/audio out of sync) –>
Part 2 of the sermon: Link
2021-04-04Effects of His Resurrection(Resurrection Sunday)selected scripturesPastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-04-02Psalm 22- the cost of our salvation(Good Friday)Psalm 22:1-21aPastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-03-28Running for the PrizePart 2Phil 3:20-4:1Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-03-21The Sovereignty of GodPsalm 99Brother GaryLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-03-14Running for the PrizePart 2Phil 3:17-19Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-03-07I Am the Bread of Life(communion)John 6Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-02-28Running for the PrizePart 1Phil 3:12-16Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-02-21True Righteousness pt43. Counting all loss to know Christ (2nd part)Phil 3:1-11Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-02-14True Righteousness pt33. Counting all loss to know ChristPhil 3:1-11Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-02-07Jesus- Our Good Shepherd(communion)John 10Pastor Ronny Linkno video available (09/20-03/21
2021-01-31True Righteousness pt22. Marks of True Christians Phil 3:1-11Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2021-01-24True Righteousness pt11. Rejoice and Look outPhil 3:1-11Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2021-01-17Two Men Worth Imitating (pt2)EpaphroditusPhil 2:19-30Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2021-01-10Two Men Worth ImitatingTimothyPhil 2:19-30Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2021-01-03Set free from fear of death(Communion)Hebrews 2:14-15Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-12-27Ending the Old and Starting the New(New Years Resolutions)Selected ScripturePastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-12-24What Child is this? (part3)3. He is the LordLuke 2:11Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-12-20What Child is this? (part2)2. He is the ChristLuke 2:11Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-12-13What Child is this? (part1)1. He is the SaviorLuke 2:11Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-12-06Christ, our Passover lamb(Communion)selected scripturePastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-11-29Shine as Lights! (pt4)Rejoice about SacrificePhil 2:17-18Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-11-22Shine as Lights! (pt3)Hold fastPhil 2:16Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-11-18How can we be thankful in all circumstancesThanksgivingselected scripturesPastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-11-15Shine as Lights! (pt2)Don’t complainPhil 2:14-15Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-11-08Shine as Lights! (pt1)Keep on obeyingPhil 2:12-13Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-11-01The New Covenant in His Blood(communion)selected scripturesPastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-10-25A Call to Unity (pt 9)Phil 2:1-11Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-10-11A Call to Unity (pt 8)Christ’s exaltation after His humiliationPhil 2:1-11 (vs 9-11)Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-10-04A Call to Unity (pt7)Christ’s example of humility
Phil 2:1-11 (vs8b)Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-09-27A Call to Unity (pt6)Christ’s example of humilityPhil 2:1-11 (vs8a)Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-09-20A Call to Unity (pt5)Christ’s example of humilityPhil 2:1-11 (vs5-7)Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-09-13A Call to Unity (pt4)Christ’s example of humilityPhil 2:1-11 (vs4)Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-09-06A Call to Unity (pt3)The exhortation to humilityPhil 2:1-11 (vs3)Pastor RonnyLinkno video available (09/20-03/21)
2020-08-16A Call to Unity (pt2)The exhortation to humilityPhil 2:1-11 (vs2)Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-08-09A Call to Unity (pt1)The basis for unityPhil 2:1-11 (vs1)Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-07-26Christ’s Silence in His Suffering(Communion)Selected ScripturesPastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-07-19Living worthy of the Gospel (pt4)Phil 1:27-30Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-07-12Living worthy of the Gospel (pt3)Phil 1:27-30Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-06-284 Aspects of God’s Forgiveness(Communion)Selected ScripturesPastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-06-21Living worthy of the Gospel (pt2)Phil 1:27-30Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-06-07Living worthy of the Gospel (pt1)Phil 1:27-30Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-05-31Baby DedicationSelected ScripturesPastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-05-31Communion- a Foretaste of Heaven(Communion)Revelation 19:7-9Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-05-17To live or to die pt 5Paul’s confidence to livePhil 1:18b-26Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-05-10To live or to die pt 4To die is gainPhil 1:18b-26Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-04-26Look at the Snake and live – Christ forshadowed by the Bronze Snake(Communion)Numbers 21Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-04-123 Things The Resurrection Proves(Resurrection Sunday)selected scr.Pastor RonnyLinkno video available
2020-03-29To live or to die pt 3To live is ChristPhil 1,18b-26Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-03-22To live or to die pt 2Pauls‘ Hope in his deliverance IIPhil 1,18b-26Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-03-15To live or to die pt 1Pauls‘ Hope in his deliverancePhil 1,18b-26Pastor RonnyLinkLink
2020-02-02Paul’s Thanksgiving and Prayer for the Philippians part 6Phil 1:3-11Pastor Ronnycoming sooncoming soon
2020-01-26Bought with the precious blood of Christ (communion)selected scr.Pastor Ronnycoming soonLink
2020-01-05Paul’s Thanksgiving and Prayer for the Philippians part 4: 7 Key Elements of Effective PrayerPhil 1:3-11Pastor Ronnycoming soonLink
2019-12-29The Gospel foreshadowed in the sacrifice of Isaac(Communion)Gen 22:1-19Pastor Ronnycoming soonLink
2019-12-22What Child Is This? pt 3: Lordselected scr.Pastor Ronnycoming soonLink
2019-12-15What Child Is This?pt 2: Christselected scr.Pastor Ronnycoming soonLink
2019-12-08What Child Is This?pt 1: Saviorselected scr.Pastor Ronnycoming soonLink
2019-12-01Paul’s Thanksgiving and Prayer for the Philippianspart 3
2019-11-24And we esteemed him not(communion)

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